Product Review: Tenba 48" Rolling Tripod/Grip Case

November 3, 2015

For many photographers nowadays, not having the overhead of a dedicated studio is a smart decision.  That then creates the challenge of taking your studio on the road, with strobes, light stands, modifiers, and backgrounds.  Many of us are sports photographers, and use those same strobes to light gyms and arenas to get the highest quality photos in the places that seem to have the least light. 

For years, I hauled around my Paul C. Buff lights stands with a bungee cord around three of them, and somehow juggled them along with my camera bag and Fat Max rolling box that I keep my strobes in for transport.  It took me several minutes to wrangle them together to wrap the bungee around them.  In New England, those metal light stands get awfully cold and hard to maneuver taking them on location in the winter.  I've cracked my knuckles more than a few times trying to get them through doors.

No more!  I recently had a chance to use the Tenba 48" Rolling Tripod/Grip Case.  Wow, what a difference it made in transporting my gear to photo shoots!  Packing and unpacking is a cinch, and now my light stands and gear roll safely behind me.  

What I think you'll love about it:
The case is very well made.  It has wheels that allow you to roll it like a suitcase, rather than having to use the handles and hold it like a briefcase.  The wheels are very sturdy, and roll smoothly.  

Inside there are straps that clip to make sure your light stands and tall gear are secured.  The grips on the end of the case are solid, and feel nice in your hand, even when you have the case loaded with gear.  I also like that the opening is the entire top of the case, so it is easy to get things in and out without them snagging on parts of the case itself.  

My Paul C. Buff light stands aren't quite 48” long, so I was able to pack in additional items for my shoot.  A neatly folded background, 8” reflectors for my strobes, and a 4-in-1 reflector easily fit with my four light stands.   I am sure if I need to, I could have packed in a fair amount of additional gear such as umbrellas.  It also has internal pockets you can utilize.   

The only downside, is also its biggest benefit- it's big!  It fits a ton of stuff, but if you have a smaller car, it may be a little difficult to fit it inside.  It fit just fine width wise in the back of my Toyota RAV4.  When it's empty, you just have to find a place to store it, as it definitely takes up a fair amount of room. 

If you're someone like me who transports their lighting gear regularly, this case is for you. 

Here's a photo of it packed.

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